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There are plenty of places to buy oil field supplies in Abilene, TX, but there are not many places dedicated to providing the quality supplies, affordable prices, and outstanding customer service that you will get from Stamford Pump and Supply/ Wingrove Oilfield Services, INC. We specialize in bringing the best oil field supplies, prices, and service together in one place, making it easy and convenient for you to get your oil field products and then get back to work.

Some of the oil field supplies you can get from us include:

• Electrical Supplies—Light bulbs and ballasts.
• Valves—SS, globe, ball, carbon, and gate valves.
• Pipe Fittings—Forged steel, PVC, and stainless steel pipefittings.
• Rig Supplies—Pump parts, inserts, and cable.
• Light Fixtures—Fluorescent, mercury vapor, and HPS light fixtures.
• Pump Parts—Plunger, Mud, and Cert. parts.
• Batteries—Truck, car, 6 Volt, 8D, 4D.
• General Supplies—Dope, rope, soap, tape, and hand tools.
• Filters and Oils—Motor, ATF, and hydraulic fluids.

You can expect us to stock a large inventory of oil field supplies that includes parts for oil field equipment, safety gear, signage, and gaskets, among a huge list of other items. We not only offer affordable oil supplies, but also specialize in quickly delivering your order with excellent service and professional accuracy that ensures you will always have what you need, when you need it.

Staying on top of the needs of your oilrig is a big job with important safety, environmental, and regulatory implications that govern your entire site. Stamford Pump and Supply/ Wingrove Oilfield Services, INC. is your Abilene, TX oil field supply partner that understands the complexity of your job and stands ready to help make it easier whenever we can.

Get more out of your budget when you visit us for your oil field supplies.

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